Construction: standard container/commercial modular/modular concrete

Allied Container Systems (ACS), the leading provider of Urban Operation Sites (UOS/MOUTs), has evolved its product offering to include two upgrades to standard corrugated exteriors: Faux Concrete and Stone Façade (SF).

Military forces have benefited from container–based villages for scenario training with one drawback: Corrugated exteriors are not an accurate representation of the structures that will be found in–theater. Through a significant investment in research and design, ACS has developed a solution that creates a more realistic training environment while maintaining key benefits of container based construction like sustainability, affordability and a quick delivery schedule.

Façade Features:
• Interiors and or Exteriors lined
  with In-theater finishes
• Realistic appearance
• Realistic feel (no photos used)
• Sustainable (no wood, no foam,
  no vinyl)
• Durable
• Cost effective
• Various textures
• Various color options
• Maximizes training budgets
• Installed on site or in factory



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