Allied Container Systems Joins Containers to Clinics
to ship medical facilities to Haiti




At ACS, we’ve invested years into deconstructing the standard shipping container and reengineering it into a versatile and highly efficient living space.Our experienced and multi-disciplined team has developed unique ways to transform simple containerized units that once carried products across the sea into green, habitable structures that feel both comfortable and complete.

Our new Base Series offers you the flexibility to quickly build a clinic, a compound or a complete camp using our highly efficient Base Units as building blocks. Each Base Unit can be built with the same design and engineering features that you’d find in a new home or office; heating, cooling, shading, moisture control, work flow, lighting, etc. can all be carefully tailored into a solution to address your organization’s specific needs. Your optimized units can be deployed and assembled promptly and to your specifications, anywhere in the world - from next door to even the most remote locations. From single units to entire cities – let us build your vision.

Standard containers, commercial modular and modular concrete and can be made into a variety of different uses, such as:

Emergency shelters
Sleeping Quarters
Commercial Buildings
Incident Command Centers (ICC)

Custom Enclosures
Laundry Facilities
Dining Facilities
Common Areas

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