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“Like I've said throughout the project, ACS has been the most professional company that I've had the pleasure and experience of doing business with.” 
Robert "Bob" Abston, Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site Supervisor

“I can’t say enough good things about the fantastic product ACS provides. The entire package from planning through completion was done exceptionally well and with the highest degree of professionalism.”
IMCOM, Ft. Hood

“Allied Containers has a great product and a great staff. The company went above the beyond to meet our needs. The façade coverings will add a dimension to the training not previously found with other product manufacturers. The product is of very high quality. The staff works hard to ensure the customer’s needs are met on time and to standard. Thanks for all your efforts.”
TACOM, Ft. Drum, NY

“The team was flexible and focused on customer satisfaction. The project was professionally installed and on time. In the future, when planning on enhancing our sites, I will contact ACS first.”
TACOM, Ft. Drum, NY

“The job was completed efficiently and effectively with no incidence of cutting corners or unsafe acts. Their team is made up of consummate professionals. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”
TACOM, Ft. Huachuca, AZ

“I was very pleased with the product itself and extremely impressed with the quality of the employees of Allied Containers.”
TACOM, Ft. Bragg, NC

“Prep work and installation was completed in a timely manner. Dave was very knowledgeable and strived to give us a great product. Dave should also be commended for taking care of his personnel. It was extremely hot and dry the week they were here. Dave continuously monitored his personnel to ensure they were taken care of while being very productive at the same time.”
TACOM, Ft. Rucker, AL

“They were always instrumental in assisting the installation in preparing site designs to meet training requirements while providing the best quality container configuration within the cost parameters. ACS has always met their scheduled installation requirements. I would award ACS a new contract even if time were critical as I believe, based on past performance, they could provide materials and setup of facilities within a reasonable time frame without lowering quality of work.”
IMCOM, Ft. Bliss

“Their work was effectively/efficiently accomplished and generally completed ahead of schedule. Their quality of work has been excellent and all sites/projects were accepted without exceptions. The ACS on site supervisor as well as company representatives communicated with the installation range personnel, in most cases daily, while the projects were underway and follow-up by the company showed interest and concern that we were satisfied with their product and work.”
IMCOM, Ft. Bliss

“ACS has provided exemplary service and support at each of the exercises that we have conducted. ACS has become one of the key assets in training within our exercises as their role players and Arabic and Afghani native language speakers interact with our Soldiers and provide invaluable cultural training.” - ARNG eXportable Combat Training Capability “Their moulage presentations for scenario realism is excellent and uncannily realistic. Their containerized products continue to be a key training enabler in the establishment of training sites by the creating of villages and towns complete with set dressings and information operations incorporation. ACS is one of the contractors that has helped to make the ARNG XCTC a success in providing excellent COE training for deploying ARNG Soldiers and units.”
ARNG eXportable Combat Training Capability

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