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In 1992 Susan and Brian Horsfall formed Haz-Mat Containment, Inc. The company’s primary charter was to design and manufacture safe storage buildings for hazardous materials which were fabricated to custom specifications. Susan Horsfall developed a complementary division, called Allied Container Systems (ACS) that sourced and transported custom and standard ISO containers.

In 1995 ACS obtained 3rd party certification for many of their products through a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL). Three years later ACS received a certificate of compliance (COC) from the SBA and shortly thereafter received a contract from the Defense Logistics Agency. In 1999 ACS received a five year contract from the General Services Administration (GSA). This contract was renewed for another five years in 2004. ACS has been audited by the GSA and provided lists of customers which were queried by Dunn and Bradstreet as to a performance evaluation. As a result the company was awarded a follow-on contract from the GSA.

In 2005 ACS received their two largest contracts from the US Marine Corps for approximately $16M and $8M. ACS went on to design, build and install Live Urban Training facilities for each branch of the military services, law enforcement and other first responders. The company’s customers include almost every agency of the Federal Government, state and local governments and many commercial companies. Construction material expanded from metal and standard container construction to commercial modular and modular concrete construction. In 2007, ACS was once again honored by the US Marine Corps by being awarded a contract with a ceiling contract limit of $461M over a three year period. ACS Custom Structures and Standard Container divisions grew accordingly.

As a Center of Excellence for Urban Operations Training, ACS has expanded to include Mobile Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) facilities, Live Immersive Training (LIT) which includes providing role players and other realism effects, mobile offices, specialized shelters, cantonments, mobile sleeping containers, knock-down portable shelters and trailers and chassis to transport our containers. ACS offers turnkey Live Urban Training and Custom Mobile Structures which include architectural design, engineering transportation, site preparation and on-site installation. ACS continues to source and deliver quality standard containers to its multi-national customer base.

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