Allied Container Systems (ACS) is the leading provider of containerized training structures. With the largest MOUT contracts ever awarded, ACS has lessons learned, experienced designers, engineers and installation teams and volume that equate to incomparable quality and pricing. Whether building realistic training facilities for soldiers, creating shelter or medical facilities for disaster victims or populating live training environments with indigenous role players and realism effects, our mission is to provide green and sustainable infrastructure and resources that enable you to achieve your mission. From Urban Operations Training Environments to Habitable Structures, ACS offers turnkey solutions for military, law enforcement, disaster relief organizations, educational facilities and businesses that are quick to deploy, cost-effective and efficiently operated.

A company with global capabilities and years of experience with supporting combat and cultural training as well as habitable support facilities, ACS brings together experienced designers, architects, engineers, fabricators and cultural experts who will work with your specifications to quickly and affordably deliver environmentally-friendly products and services of the highest quality. From the design phase through the building, installation and management phases, ACS helps you every step of the way to turn your plans into safe operations.

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